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Magsuper has the world advanced automatic powder press machine and Japan original magnetizing Machine, domestic first-class automatic electrophoresis production line, polymer epoxy coating equipment, automatic injection molding machine and other production equipment, etc.

     We can produce magnets in all kinds of complex shapes according to customer requirements, with high dimensional precision, various ways of magnetizing and good consistency, etc. The size can cover 0.8mm to 100mm, the minimum precision can be controlled at 0.02mm, and the annual production capacity of NdFeB can reach 800t.

Production Facility
Automatic magnetizing machine
Automatic electrophoresis production line
Injection molding equipment
Spraying equipment
Mechanical hand
3T press forming machine
Tamakawa 60T press forming machine
20T press forming machine

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Product introduction

Bonded Nd-Fe-B homosexual
Anisotropic NdFeB magnet
Plastic Ferrite Magnets & Plastic
NdFeB Magnets(Isotropic and
Injection molded composite
magnetic parts
Polymer Coating

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Magsuper (Dong Guan) Corp.
Address:Shang Gaotian Village, LianPing District, Da Lingshan Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China
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